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Ozobots in the Middle - Bringing Playtime Back Into The Center of Your Curriculum

Why is playtime important for students? We often recognize the need at the elementary level, but even secondary students can greatly benefit from playtime during the school day. According to Dr. Hilary Conklin ( Playtime Isn’t Just for Preschoolers—Teenagers Need It, Too (2015).

She says, “Giving students occasions to learn through play not only fosters creative thinking, problem solving, independence, and perseverance, but also addresses teenagers’ developmental needs for greater independence and ownership in their learning, opportunities for physical activity and creative expression, and the ability to demonstrate competence. When classroom activities allow students to make choices relevant to their interests, direct their own learning, engage their imaginations, experiment with adult roles, and play physically, research shows that students become more motivated and interested, and they enjoy more positive school experiences.”
We are here today to tell you how Ozobots can b…

Getting the Most Out of Video Projects

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Arguably the three most famous words any director will say on set, but once heard, everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing in that moment. And sure, that moment might take up to three, four, or fifty-two tries, but everyone is at least aware of their actions. So when we as educators ask our students to make a video project, are they also aware?

In the last five years alone, the ability to edit a solid video has removed itself from mostly being a mac-thing and become a multi-platform choice anyone with a device can do. Smartphones can easily download apps that will even piece together a video for you, free of charge!* So how does one go about planning a video project for students to complete?


The Hollywood movie process goes through five stages; Development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution1. It is a similar process for student productions as well.

Development - This is where the project is explained to…