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What is an LMS?

What is a LMS?

What is an LMS and why should I use one?  You may have heard the term LMS (Learning Management System) talked about in meetings, or read about in the board docs or ACTS notes.  Well, what is it? And more importantly, why are moving in this direction?

An LMS is a learning management system that will provide a true one stop user experience for your teaching materials, assessment tools, projects, rubrics, learning outcomes, group conferencing,  etc. The learning management system we have chosen to purchase is Canvas. Canvas is a large company that currently provides LMS functionality to many major universities, the Virginia Community College System,  and the entire K-12 public school system in North Carolina. Canvas allows you to create assessments, manage instructional content, conduct group discussions or video chats/leave student feedback, create rubrics, and will auto grade your assessment materials.  Canvas integrates with all the G Suite apps you use right now, ma…