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Getting the Most Out of Video Projects

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Arguably the three most famous words any director will say on set, but once heard, everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing in that moment. And sure, that moment might take up to three, four, or fifty-two tries, but everyone is at least aware of their actions. So when we as educators ask our students to make a video project, are they also aware?

In the last five years alone, the ability to edit a solid video has removed itself from mostly being a mac-thing and become a multi-platform choice anyone with a device can do. Smartphones can easily download apps that will even piece together a video for you, free of charge!* So how does one go about planning a video project for students to complete?


The Hollywood movie process goes through five stages; Development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution1. It is a similar process for student productions as well.

Development - This is where the project is explained to…
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PoweredUp Portfolios with New Google Sites!

Student portfolios are a great way to reinforce the use, retention and application of curriculum as a student-centered activity. There are many types of portfolios but the flexibility and simplicity of using the New Google Sites makes this an ideal application. Google Sites makes it easy for students to collect and organize their work created in the G Suite ecosystem into one place. There is a very low learning curve with New Google Sites, and the simple designs give the published website a polished, professional feel. Whether working individually or collaboratively in groups on projects, teachers will find that students are highly engaged and self-motivated with the plethora of opportunities for demonstrating their learning within their own learning style.

Why an e-portfolio?
     With the New Google Sites, you can incorporate aspects of the engagement of kinesthetic learning with the efficiency of digital usage. An e-portfolio in the New Google Sites is beneficial for transferable …

Back to Class in Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a fantastic bit of software. Whether you're using it to get content to your students, create interactive educational experiences, or provide a storehouse for you educational materials, it's making the lives of teachers are lot easier, and the lives of their students more educational.

Whether you've been swimming in it for years or you're just dipping your toe in, this month's episode of the EdTech Hubcast is a great listen.
After checking it out, here are some fantastic next steps: Getting Started with Classroom - a Quick Start GuideHow can I setup a Classroom with my students?How can students see my Google Classroom Calendar through Google Calendar? Why would I use the CCPS created Google Classroom?How can I identify a duplicated Google Classroom class?Can I rename my classes in Google Classroom?Share to Google Classroom Extension 🎬Google Classroom Turn In 🎬Make a Copy For Each Student 🎬Archiving a Class in Google Classroom 🎬Adding Resources t…

Link directly to Google Classroom Assignments and Question Activities

One of several new features in Google Classroom is the ability to link Google Classroom announcements, assignments, or question activities directly into a presentation, doc, HyperDoc activity, or any other media that can include web links. Why use this in your instructional practice? Efficient, saves time! Less clicking! No scrolling or filtering to find the activity in Google Classroom! Post a Google Classroom assignment link in a Synergy grade book assignment! (helps students to find the assignment easily). How does this enhance teaching and learning? Students can go directly to the Question activity as part of a lesson that includes facilitating an online discussion, back-channel, or poll (active participation). As part of a learning activity include a direct link to an assignment in Classroom, where students can add their choice of created products (student engagement / voice & choice). This makes it easy to have student work in one place and allows for timely feedback. Differ…

Welcome to our new home

Welcome to the new home of the edTechCCPS blog.  We have changed blogging platforms to bring you the reader a more refined experience.  Come back here in August for amazing content. Until then check out the archives on the old blogging platform here.